How Long Does Incfile Take?

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If you've landed on this article then you are probably considering forming an LLC with Incfile and want to know exactly how long that process will take.

In this article, we'll explain in more detail how long Incfile takes the form an LLC, but as a general rule of thumb, it's going to take around 2 weeks to fully form the business entity.

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Incfile offers a very quick and easy way to form an LLC, with 16+ years of experience!

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You may not be surprised to learn that the vast majority of the time it takes to incorporate a business entity is spent on the state paperwork.

Governments are not always the most efficient at handling paperwork and this is often what delays the process.

Filing State Paperwork

There are a handful of states such as Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri that allow you to file the paperwork online - which is often an immediate process.

If you're planning to incorporate with Incfile in one of these states then it might be considerable less than 2 weeks.

However, most states require Incfile to send in the paperwork by post, which is then reviewed by the state before the application is officially approved.

What this means for you is that some states with online application processes can be commpleted the same day, while others can up to 15 business days to receive, approve, and reply to the application.

In addition to the state paperwork, there are also a few other things that Incfile does to help you form your LLC, which also take time to complete.

Operating Agreement


In the vast majority of states, having an operating agreement that outlines the business entity's rules and procedures is required.

This document ensures all members of the LLC or corporation have their duties clearly outlined to avoid any misunderstandings.

Incfile can handle the operating agreement for you as part of the application process, but you can also do this yourself using a free template.

We recommend just using Incfile for your operating agreement as their template has been tested and used for many thousands of successful applications.

Why reinvent the wheel and waste your own time trying to make a template fit your needs when it can be done with Incfile?

Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is given to your company by the IRS and it's used to track tax liability.

Without an EIN you won't be able to set up payroll for your staff, open a business bank account, or complete W-9 forms to work with clients.

Applying for an EIN yourself is pretty simple and will take 1 business day via the state's website.

That said, it can also be done for you by Incfile. Since it takes about 1 day regardless, you might as well let Incfile obtain it for you as part of your application process with them.

Other Requirements

Depending on your business needs there may be other requirements needed for you to form your company as quickly as possible.

The reason companies like Incfile exist is because their application can handle all of these needs in one place. It saves you time and stress by not having to worry about what you need to do to form your business entity.

So, all up, it's going to take around 14 business days for your new company to incorporated (depending on the state).

We'd recommend letting Incfile handle all of the legal stuff for you. It's quicker, more reliable, stress-free, and lets you focus on growing your new business.

Form Your Company with Incfile

Incfile offers a very quick and easy way to form an LLC, with 16+ years of experience!

To form your LLC, save 5+ hours of time and try Incfile today.

Try Incfile →

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