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We supply free legal resources for websites, and help web professionals and website operators to find other sources of free legal help, including free legal information, free legal advice, free legal documentation and free legal search facilities.

Please note that all templates and resources on this site are researched and sourced from third parties, and Contractology does not create or maintain any legal documents or forms.

Document availability

One purpose of this website is to distribute free legal documents. At the moment, we have templates for website terms and conditions, copyright notices, website disclaimers, medical disclaimers, legal disclaimers, privacy statements, cookies policies, anti-spam policies and linking policies. We plan to add more documents in future.

Really free?

These templates are free because they don’t cost anything; and they are free because you are free to copy, edit and improve the documents as you like. All we ask is that you credit the source. If you want to use a document without the credit and hyperlink, you will need to contact the creator of the document you need.

Different laws

We will try to cover as many laws and jurisdictions as possible so if there is something you need that we don't have already, please let us know.

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