Privacy Policy Resources

A privacy policy is crucial for websites handling customer information or other personal data. Privacy policies are the main way of letting customers and other users know how their data will be used and kept safe.

On this page you will be able to find links to a range of resources dealing with the law relating to privacy policies, including introductory materials, links to national regulatory authorities and international bodies concerned with data privacy and data protection, and directories of specialist data privacy law firms around the world.

Privacy Policy Basics

This article on Wikipedia is a good - if brief - introduction to privacy policies. Those concerned with European Union law should have a look at Europa's data protection pages (Europa is the EU's official website).

For an in-depth look at the concept of privacy and the development of privacy laws over the years, be sure to check out this overview of privacy from Privacy International.


If you need a more detailed perspective on privacy policies, there is a wealth of reading material available on Amazon, including introductory, academic and professional approaches.

Legal News: Data Protection and Privacy

Keeping up to date with the latest data protection and privacy issues around the world has never been easier. Below are just a few websites and forums to get you going:

  • Privacy International
  • Tech News World
  • The Register
  • The Internet Law and Policy Forum
  • Privacy Laws & Business

Regulatory Authorities

The websites of the national authorities on data protection and privacy provide a range of resources highlighting the rules specific to each jurisdiction. A comprehensive list of authorities can be found at Privacy Laws & Business. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission oversees the safe harbor programme for personal data exported from the EU, while in the UK authority the Information Commissioner's office is responsible for regulatory oversight.

Law Firms Specializing in Data Protection and Data Privacy

Privacy law advice will usually come under the aegis of the IP/IT or media and technology department of a law firms. The Legal 500 and directories provide comprehensive lists of firms who specialize in this area, including links to leading individual lawyers.

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