Sponsorship Agreement Resources

The areas of law that are most relevant to sponsorship agreements are contract law and intellectual property law (including the law relating to image rights).

Your sponsorship contracts need to be clear about the benefits that will accrue to the sponsor. Because the benefits will vary from agreement to agreement, you may be unable to find a precedent that will adequately describe the benefits. On this page we have set out some resources that may be useful for those negotiating sponsorship deals or drafting sponsorship agreements.

Sponsorship: The Basics

A sponsor may be defined as "a commercial organization that pays all or part of the cost of putting on a concert, sporting event, etc". The concept of sponsorship is discussed in some detail on Wikipedia.

Precedent Sponsorship Agreements

If you are looking for a precedent that you can adapt for your own ends, please check out our sponsorship agreement template.

Examples of Real Agreements

It can be helpful - even for specialist, expert lawyers - to look at other lawyers' drafting. Onecle supplies copies of real sponsorship agreements entered into by US companies and filed with the US authorities, while TechAgreements supplies sample endorsement agreements.

Law Firms

Any commercial law firm should be able to handle a straightforward sponsorship deal, although for more complex and high-value deals, it may pay to go to a specialist. Firms will not necessarily market themselves as specialists in sponsorship contracts, but you can be reasonably confident that firms specializing in entertainment law and/or sports law will have plenty of experience of these kinds of deal.

Legal News: Entertainment and Sport

Findlaw (owned by Thomson Reuters) is one of the oldest legal sites on the web, established back in 1996, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin were still students at Stanford. The site includes topic-specific news pages, covering a number of areas that have a bearing upon sponsorship law, including entertainment law news and sports law news.


For background information on sponsorship deals and markets, search at Amazon for "sponsorship"

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