Web Design Agreement Resources

Web designers need to work closely with their clients to ensure the success of their projects; and a successful working relationship should be underpinned by an understanding of the legal issues that affect the designer-customer relationship, as well as a good web design agreement.

Web design involves a variety of legal considerations, such as the scope of the work to be undertaken by the designer, the allocation of responsibilities between the designer and the customer, the assignment or licensing of intellectual property rights in the website and data protection/privacy issues.

On this page we have collected together links to a range of resources relating to web design law, including introductory articles and external links.

Wikipedia on Web Design

Readers new to web design will find this Wikipedia article to be a good starting point.

There are links to more specific articles covering matters such as web accessibility and web standards in the article.

Web Law Forums and Blogs

The internet is filled with dozens of websites with legal resources for web design. Examples of relevant forums include:

  • Site Point business and legal issues forum
  • Digital Point legal issues forum

Examples of relevant blogs and news services include:

  • Gigalaw
  • Dozier Internet Law
  • Out-law.com news

Sample and Template Contracts

A wide range of web design-related legal documents are available on the web.

TechAgreements makes available examples of specific web design agreements entered into by companies, and filed with the US authorities.

A web design agreement should (amongst other things) set out the scope of the work to be done, and state whether the intellectual property rights in the site will be owned by the designer or the commissioner of the work.

Law Firms Specializing in Web Design Agreements

Web design law is an aspect of IT or media and technology law. The precise issues affecting web designers and their clients will depend on the jurisdiction. The Legal 500 and HG.org directories list firms operating in this area.

Web Design Books at Amazon

If you want to learn about web design in greater depth then the best way to do it is with a book.

A huge selection of both introductory and in-depth books are available at Amazon.

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